Please read the following guidelines before you begin.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2019, 6pm ET

Award Period: The award period for this grant program is 24 months, beginning January 1, 2020 and ending on December 31, 2021. Budgets must reflect the entire award period.

Funds Available: A total of three (3) projects will be awarded in the amount of $101,333. Applicants should carefully consider the resources needed to successfully implement the project proposed and present a realistic budget that accurately reflects project costs. 

Funding for this grant program will be awarded based on the applicant's adherence to the application's guidelines and purpose areas. 

Accommodations and Language Access: Grant funds may be used to support American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter services, language interpreters and translation services, or the purchase of adaptive equipment to support activities that help to ensure individuals with disabilities, Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and persons with limited English proficiency have meaningful and full access to their programs. For example, applicants proposing to use grant funds to create website, videos and other materials must ensure that they are accessible to persons with disabilities.


  • Tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Based in Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, or Leelanau counties.
  • Be free of legal actions declared: including current or pending conflicts

Review Process: The grant application process will be competitive and all applications will be reviewed by Impact 100 Traverse City members that volunteer to be a part of one of five Focus Area Committees. Applications will be scored by the review teams according to the criteria set forth in this solicitation. If an applicant fails to meet the criteria listed below for the initial internal review, the application will not receive a full review.

Criteria for the initial review include and is not limited to:

  • Proposal submitted via online application by the deadline specified above
  • Proposal is complete
  • Proposal includes all of the required attachments
  • Proposal meets the remaining requirements set forth in this application

Focus Area Committees:  Focus Area Committees are comprised of volunteer members of Impact 100 TC. Committee members read and score the applications including financial information submitted with the application, and perform site visits to selected nonprofits.

Members from each Focus Area Committee select finalist(s) for each of the five focus areas. 

Five Focus Areas:

The five focus areas are:

  • Arts & Culture - Charitable initiatives that cultivate, develop, educate, and improve the cultural climate within those five counties. 
  • Education - Charitable initiatives that further the ability to educate and improve education within those five counties. 
  • Environment, Preservation, & Recreation - Charitable initiatives that preserve, enhance, revitalize, or restore facilities and surroundings within those five counties. 
  • Family - Charitable initiatives that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families within those five counties. 
  • Health & Wellness - Charitable initiatives that positively impact the mental or physical health and wellness of the people within those five counties.

The five finalists chosen are announced at the Meet the Finalists event. Proposal summaries of the finalists selected are circulated to Impact 100 TC members prior to the Annual Meeting where grantees will be selected by rank voting from the membership.

Representatives from each of the finalist organizations provide a short ten-minute presentation at the Annual Meeting. Presentation time is subject to change and confirmed at the Five Finalists Announcement.

Each Impact 100 TC member may choose to vote at the Annual Member Celebration being held in Traverse City on October 24, 2019, or via absentee ballot, to determine the year's grant recipient(s). Grantees will be announced by the end of the Annual Member Celebration. 

Focus Area Committee members (reviewers) will review the information provided in the applications within their focus area against the selection criteria for the grant funding. Reviewers will be responsible for selecting the Five Finalists as related to the grant proposal. Applications with the highest composite scores within each Focus Area will be chosen as the Five Finalists.

Visit https://www.impacttc.org/grants/ for additional questions about the Impact 100 TC Grant Application Process.

If you have remaining questions that are not addressed either above or at the weblink, please email: grants@impacttc.org

(Note: Do not email grant application-specific questions to Impact 100 TC members directly. Instead, please use the above email. Emails will only be answered via grants@impacttc.org.)